Council health and safety officials investigate following Breckland blaze


Health and safety inspectors are investigating after a fire that decimated a business dealing garden machinery.

Randells Garden Machinery, based in the Breckland District of Norfolk, Dereham was devastated by the fierce blaze that occurred on October 11. The HSE is now holding a full investigation into the fire that saw firefighters spend many hours battling the blaze.

After the fire was believed to be extinguished, it then reignited and Dereham fire services were forced to return to the site and tackle it for a second time.

Following the incident, Norfolk Fire and Rescue operatives started an investigation to assess and establish the cause of the fire at the business located on Shipdam Road. It has now been revealed that Breckland Council is also undertaking its own separate investigation in line with the Health and Safety at Work Act.

The council has stated that no comments regarding its findings will be issued until its concluded its investigation.

While the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) is not involved in regulating retail premises, The Regulatory Reform Order 2005 states that fire precautions must be present “where necessary” and these measures are required to be routinely maintained and serviced.

Under UK law, it is the duty of both industrial and commercial properties to conduct a risk assessment for fire, which may require a fire alarm system installation. Fire alarms and detection systems should only be maintained and serviced by qualified engineers, and should be tested regularly.

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