Fire service presents plan to reduce false alarms


Statistics uncovered by Hertfordshire Fire and Rescue Service have revealed that the majority of emergency calls at commercial properties received via automated alarm systems turn out to be false alarms. To answer this issue, the service has developed a scheme to cut back on any unnecessary waste of its resources.

In the last three years, Hertfordshire firefighters attended 513 automated alarms in retail premises and 348 in office properties. However, on inspection, only seven of these incidents turned out to be fires.

The findings were recently presented to the cabinet panel responsible for waste and safety management at Hertfordshire County Council, along with a new proposal to reduce time-wasting. The panel has now approved the newly designed plan, agreeing to a one-year trial.

At present, the service requires confirmation from people passing by or staff onsite before it can attend a call within the hours of 7am to 7pm. Under the new proposal, this rule will extend, and crews will attend automated alarms at commercial properties at night only when the report arrives via an individual, rather than automation.

Councillor Terry Hone commented:

“Officers assessed the risk to be absolutely minimal and also have put a lot in place to mitigate any risk whatsoever – particularly to residential properties.”

Commercial enterprises, from office blocks to retail outlets, with a fire alarm installation in Chester, Hertfordshire and other parts of the UK can rely on professional electricians for service needs. Qualified electricians can run routine checks on devices like smoke detectors and alarm systems to make sure they are operating effectively and to avoid false alarms.

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