Lincolnshire fire chief petitions firms over false alarm concerns


In a move to manage false alarms, heads of Lincolnshire Fire and Rescue are asking businesses to assume more responsibility when informing on potential fires at their premises.

With over 1,600 false alarms in 2019 initiated by fire equipment and alarms activating, false alarms add up to about 10% of all fire service call outs. Over 50% of false alarms due to safety equipment in the last five years have been in properties with a non-domestic use.

Fire Chief Les Britzman addressed Lincolnshire County Council, stating that the service was requesting owners of commercial and industrial properties, where no risk exists to community or from hazardous materials, to conduct their own investigation when alarms sound prior to dialling 999.

Britzman commented that businesses were using the force almost as a night watchman to check over their premises, and added:

“What they should be doing is have systems in place to go and check those buildings themselves, and then if there’s a fire then obviously call the Fire and Rescue Service.”

The service hopes that this new initiative will reduce the number of false alarms attended by the force by as much as 5%.

Businesses requiring a fire alarm fitter in Chester, Lincolnshire and other areas around the United Kingdom should only employ a certified contractor to carry out all work. UK government legislation insists that businesses are responsible for regular operation and maintenance checks of all equipment to ensure it is running effectively.

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