Massive industrial fire in Newhaven


Emergency services were inundated with calls from concerned members of the public regarding a recent blaze at an industrial unit based in Newhaven, East Sussex on August 8.

More than 80 calls were received by the fire service after onlookers identified thick plumes of black smoke rising into the sky above the coastline. Multiple posts published on social media included reports of a loud explosion.

A total of 60 firefighters, fully equipped with breathing apparatus, tackled the large-scale blaze at the seafront industrial unit situated on Newhaven’s Beach Road, which started at approximately 9.30am.

Those responsible for industrial premises, like warehouses, factories and storage facilities, are legally obligated to conduct a full risk assessment for fire safety, to protect both personnel and property on site. As part of such an assessment, it may be necessary for owners to implement appropriate measures for both detection and prevention of fires, such as smoke and fire alarms.

Industrial enterprises hiring a smoke alarm fitter in Chester, Newhaven and other parts of the UK should always book a qualified professional to ensure equipment is installed properly.

Although part of the Newhaven property’s roof collapsed, there were no reports of injury or harm. However, members of the fire service advised members of the public to stay indoors and to keep windows and doors to their homes closed.

By 1.30pm, the operation was scaled down and crews extinguished remaining hotspots. The cause of the industrial fire has yet to be determined, but an investigation into the incident is scheduled to take place.

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