Newport estate decimated by industrial fire


Businesses based at Newport’s Langland Park West Industrial Estate have suffered a severe blow after a large-scale blaze ravaged the site, sending billowing black smoke over the Welsh city’s skyline.

The fire, which began at 11.45am on September 25, saw crews from the Fire and Rescue Services battling the blaze for several hours as police kept business owners and their staff back behind a safety cordon.

Although no injuries were recorded in the incident, multiple units at the site were destroyed. One of these units was operated by Welsh Cycling, with the company losing five vehicles, along with a significant quantity of equipment. Other units saw the property they contained incur extensive smoke, water and fire damage.

Working alongside demolition crews, enterprise owners using the site spent days taking stock of their losses and communicating with their insurance providers.

Enterprises operating industrial estates and premises such as storehouses and factories must ensure fire safety measures are taken. A comprehensive fire risk assessment must be completed and devices such as smoke and fire alarms fitted if required. Firms booking a fire alarm installation in Chester, Newport and other UK cities should only use certified contractors to complete the task to ensure equipment is fitted correctly and to the British Standard.

A recent statement made on October 7, issued by the Fire and Rescue Services for South Wales, commented that their investigation into the incident was now complete, but due to the massive amount of structural damage onsite, the fire’s cause was undeterminable.

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