How can you protect your factory staff in 2021?


While adopting personal protective equipment (PPE) onsite and ensuring adequate sanitation options are available are both essential to keeping employees safe, many industrial enterprises across the UK are investing in new technology to bolster health and safety measures in factories.

Wireless systems that can make sure social distancing guidelines are adhered to and cutting-edge cameras capable of assessing staff skin temperatures are among some of the many new tools being adopted to help companies keep operating with a workforce that stays strong and healthy.

Thermographic screening cameras

The latest temperature screening thermographic solutions, like bullet cameras manufactured by Hikvision, can offer strong support against COVID-19 infections at work. Using machine learning and advanced sensors, they can scan the skin temperatures of your staff before they enter your premises to help keep your site COVID-free.

These powerful cameras can scan employees from 50 metres away for ultimate safety and will alert the personnel monitoring shift changes if recorded temperatures are at the high levels associated with coronavirus symptoms. If staff are not safe to be onsite, they can be instructed to attend a testing centre or seek medical support, keeping the rest of your workforce healthy. Ideal for factory shifts with multiple staff members, these cameras can scan many employees at once.

Additionally, infrared capabilities allow cameras to operate effectively in low light, making them suited to facilities with night shifts.

Wireless closed-circuit television (CCTV) systems

The latest CCTV available no longer needs miles of cabling and comes entirely wireless. This offers factories the advantage of being able to keep equipment mobile and easily redeploy them in different locations when necessary.
Keeping watch on staff has never been more important for their safety and others, so cameras can be positioned in common areas to ensure appropriate social distancing measures are being maintained. If staff are unwell, the latest devices offer high-definition recordings that can be useful when immediate assistance is required, or when evidential material must be collected to support health inspections after incidents occur.

Specialists in premium security solutions

Companies planning to make use of the latest technology for health and safety in their factories will find a wealth of options available. While having plenty of options to pick from can be beneficial, it can also make decision making difficult when you need to make your final choice. Our certified electricians at BEST Electrical are always on hand with expert advice and can help narrow down the field for you.

Communicating closely with our clients in the industrial sector, we can recommend the best security systems to suit your operation. So, whether you want wireless CCTV to monitor break areas or need to monitor the health of your next shift workers before they enter with a thermographic camera, we can help you find the ideal solution and can handle your onsite installation.

Contact our friendly team of professionals today for advice, a free quote or to get started and book in your installation.

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