Hikvision Face Recognition Terminal


DS-K1T671 Series Face Recognition Terminal


Hikvision Face Recognition Terminal

The DS-K1T671 Series Face Recognition Terminal from Hikvision delivers the latest advances in secure access control.

Smartly presented with a sleek silver and black finish, the terminal features a large screen ratio that can support multiple methods of authentication. Extremely versatile, this state-of-the-art device can be employed by a wide range of users, from industrial enterprises safeguarding stock and staff, to banks and government buildings requiring strict security measures.

Taking facial recognition to the next level

The Hikvision Face Recognition Terminal employs a deep learning algorithm to authenticate the identity of those seeking access. Images are captured on the device via 2-megapixel wide-angle dual lens that can provide highly accurate facial recognition when individuals are stood at distances from 0.3 to 3 metres from the terminal. Additionally, the device is capable of face recognition in a dark environment supported by supplementary brightness controls that can be operated manually.

Featuring 1-N face recognition, the terminal can crosscheck facial features captured against an image database and has a capacity of up to 6,000 faces. Faces can be recognised in as little as 0.2 seconds with a facial recognition accuracy rate of 99%.

Multiple forms of authentication

Unlike other facial recognition options available on the market the DS-K1T671 terminal offers users a selection of different authentication methods. As well as using the device’s facial recognition technology, fingerprints can also be authenticated by using the seven-inch LCD touchscreen display to match them against those stored. The terminal has a 5,000-fingerprint capacity ideal for large workforces scanning in and out of industrial facilities like warehouses and factories. The systems offer a range of six attendance states for signing in and out, break times in and out, and overtime in and out.

Finally, for enterprises using more traditional methods of secure entry, the terminal also supports card access and can be connected to an external card reader if required.

This terminal from Hikvision is also an ideal option for businesses seeking a higher level of security as they can request that those seeking access provide multiple forms of authentication, combining face recognition, fingerprint and secure card access.

A wide selection of multifunctional features

The Hikvision face recognition terminal features stand-alone operation that allows it to transmit and save any data captured on client software. The secure two-way TCP/IP communication system also enables it to import information from client software. Two-way audio allows communication between the access controller and those seeking entrance while a live feed gives them the ability to monitor access from the indoor or master station.

To protect the terminal from software or hardware failures and other damage, it has been fitted with a watchdog timer design and tamper function. The terminal also connects to a secure door control unit that enforces a protocol to makes sure the door will remain locked if the facial recognition device is destroyed.

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