Award-winning smart lock offers four secure ways of entry


Smart locks are fast becoming a popular inclusion to both residential properties and business premises. These advanced access devices must connect to the internet so it is essential they provide the utmost levels of security.

A brand new smart lock dubbed “FIDO” has now been developed, which offers similar features to other devices currently available on the market but takes the technology to the next level with an additional security layer and multiple unlock methods.

Presented in a minimalist design, the FIDO smart lock doesn’t resemble others available to purchase in fact it doesn’t resemble a smart lock in appearance at all – a quality which may have led it to win a Red Dot Design Award.

The FIDO smart lock can be unlocked using four different methods of entry, allowing users with greater flexibility. Doors can be opened through the use of a smartphone app, wireless Bluetooth, an access card that has been inducted or, for the personal touch, using a fingerprint. Additionally FIDO provides remote unlocking and locking via its own app for mobile. Temporary access can also be granted on a temporary basis. Through the app, visitors can be monitored with an easy to read access log.

Features of the FIDO lock include auto locking, battery life for one year on just two AAA batteries, an alarm for forced entry and waterproofing for outdoor use.

Employing a 128-bit encryption for security, the FIDOs developers promise this lock cannot be broken by brute force hacking and possible combination checks.

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