CCTV planned to protect local businesses


A new CCTV proposal has been submitted to local council members in Ulverston to safeguard enterprises and local people around its central shopping hub.

Commercial businesses currently planning a CCTV installation in Chester, Ulverston and other areas around the UK can depend on professional electricians to fit a wide range of equipment, from the latest wireless cameras to thermographic imaging devices capable of assessing a person’s skin temperature for health safety checks.

The recent plans put before Ulverston Town Council include the installation of three individual CCTV cameras. If the proposal is successful, one device would be positioned on a corner of Market Street, just above Helen Gee’s hairdressing salon, another at Market Place, above the Wolftown store, and finally, one above Queen Street’s Kings Arms Hotel.

Town Councillor for Ulverston Mark Wilson has spoken out in support of the new CCTV initiative:

“Evidence suggests that signs like ‘you are being watched’ deter criminals. And if there is criminal behaviour, CCTV cameras gives us the evidence to report to the police and catch the people responsible.”

The cameras that are requested to now be fitted on Queen Street and Market Street will replace two devices that were removed a decade ago. The new modern cameras will physically be far smaller, making them a more discreet option. The placement of the devices has been designed to deliver local police with maximum coverage of the retail area to improve security for local firms and members of the public around Ulverston.

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