UK government to double Safer Streets fund


New CCTV devices will be deployed in parks and other public places as part of increased efforts from Ministers to provide a safer environment for enterprises and private citizens.

Following greater concerns regarding the safety levels of public streets across the country, the government has announced it will double the “Safer Streets” budget to £45m.

The UK already has an impressive CCTV network operating on its streets, with the initial wave of surveillance devices installed around 30 years ago. Now, advances in technology have made high-tech cameras more compact, adaptable, easy to relocate and far more accessible, making the exact number in operation difficult to determine.

Based on estimates taken in 2020, statistics suggest that the current number of CCTV cameras in the UK is approximately 5.2 million and includes those operated by the police, the public, and enterprises to protect their premises.

Local authorities and enterprises planning a CCTV installation in Chester, Birmingham, London, and other major cities should only use certified contractors to fit camera networks. Professional electrical contractors can install equipment correctly and to code, while providing the benefit of their knowledge and experience, identifying ideal options for specific applications.

For the most part, UK CCTV cameras are privately owned. Only one in every 70 cameras are state-run as opposed to being used by business properties and private residents for stronger security. Recent surveys indicate that the government’s move to increase the number of cameras is well received by UK citizens.

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