Research reveals UK business commitment to EV charging


A new study has uncovered that a third of UK companies would consider fitting electric vehicle (EV) charging facilities on their employees’ properties to support the use of EVs across the country.

Statistics suggest that, since the COVID-19 crisis, enterprises that are using company cars and vans appear inclined to bring forward their plans to employ an electric fleet.

Respondents reported that among the greatest blocks on EV adoption was handling the complexities of staff members charging up electric cars at public charging ports and at home. Four out of every five firms surveyed also stated that the rise in remote working had encouraged the consideration of providing electrical charge points for staff.

The recent figures arrive after the news that businesses here in the UK now plan to invest a total of £15.8 billion in fleet electrification over the next year, marking a 50 percent uptick on their recent spending over the last 12 months.

Whether they are looking to power up electric fleets or power their employee’s company cars, UK enterprises can rely on commercial electrical contractors in Chester, Birmingham and other major cities to fit electric charge points. With experience gained deploying different types of EV charging options, professional electricians can ensure equipment is installed safely and efficiently.

With the UK government’s planned ban on fossil fuel-powered vehicles less than 10 years way, the recent data suggests that a greater number of enterprises are prepared to take action now instead of putting their own EV adoption at risk of delay.

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