Why commercial developers must consider EV infrastructure


Sales of electric vehicles, or EVs for short, have seen a sharp rise here in the UK, and savvy developers are now starting to realise the implications for the property sector. Those planning commercial projects are being advised to incorporate infrastructure that supports electric EV charging, whether they’re developing blocks of serviced apartments or shopping centres and retail hubs.

Not only will these inclusions supply much-needed access to power for the UK’s EV drivers, but by including charging installations in their schemes, developers can gain a competitive edge while future proofing the building projects they stake their reputation on.

EV adoption driven by government agendas

It is expected that in line with the government’s goal to reach net-zero by 2050, approximately two thirds of UK vehicles on the road will be powered by electric battery packs instead of fossil fuels like diesel and petrol. While the likelihood of this event is widely accepted and the challenges of providing power for this volume of EV drivers is understood, the potential commercial gains of this situation are not as well recognised.

For companies working in construction, EV technology adoption offers a chance to shine and showcase new solutions to answer the expanding charging requirements of the country. As well as answering the needs of homeowners and businesses looking to run fleets on low-carbon energy, commercial development firms that add EV charging installations to their projects will find themselves leaders in their field.

The UK government has tasked the construction sector to build 300,000 new residences per year by mid-2030, and developers must now ensure they are entirely prepared for the upcoming impact EVs are set to play on dedicated power supplies for residential developments.

EV adoption’s increase is also being caused by the advances in electrical power technology. It is believed that the cost of combustion engines and electric battery technology may already be commercially comparable.

The importance of future-proofed infrastructure

The rapid increase and range of current EV charging solutions is also creating a greater level of complexity across the UK’s charging network. Presently, the country has no standardised system in place for EV charging points. Being able to comprehend this diversity and assess which options will be most suitable not only now, but in the future as well, is vital. Developers are now facing challenges concerning using these new technologies to answer the evolving energy needs of businesses and homeowners. To do this, they must put an infrastructure in place that is future-proof.

Professional electrical contractors can work alongside commercial developers, offering expertise and advice when charging infrastructure is set to be installed onsite. Qualified electricians have the necessary skills and experience to fit a wide range of charging solutions as required, ensuring they are operating at optimum and meet electrical safety regulations.

They can also provide specialist guidance on the most suitable charging technology to ensure that installations are built to suit a specific user’s requirements both now and into the future.

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