What are the business benefits of electric vehicle charging points?


Making the decision to install electric vehicle (EV) charging points at a workplace can be exceptionally beneficial for firms. EVs are widely considered the future of transportation, and the move to adopt EV technology is increasingly reflected in a wide range of different sectors here in the UK.

For enterprise owners, an investment in EV infrastructure may be intimidating, but investing in this growing technology is already benefitting thousands of businesses. Read on for a rundown on just some of the advantages that companies can enjoy when they install EV charge points onsite.

Future proofing your firm

For years now, the UK government has put increasing pressure on companies to cut their carbon footprint down and adopt greener ways of working. Businesses up and down the country are being urged and advised to accelerate their efforts to reach environmental targets. A key focus of these advisories concerns the use of both diesel and petrol-powered vehicles, and when policies change, firms will be required to act fast.

Installing EV charging points at your workplace is an eco-friendly decision that will also satisfy government requirements, ensuring you’re prepared for the change when it comes. By installing EV charging points now, firms can get ahead, avoiding the pressure of needing to transition quickly.

Providing essential facilities

Today’s enterprises have a growing responsibility to offer access to EV charge points for employees and customers alike. By installing charging stations onsite, companies can fulfil their obligation, and they can also enhance their reputation. Companies providing these charging facilities are seen as forward-thinking firms that take their responsibilities towards their staff, their clients and the environment to heart.

As EV use increases, employees driving these cars may even expect to be able to charge them at work. By putting EV infrastructure in place, firms can keep their current staff happy while attracting new talent looking for onsite employment benefits, like free charging.

Economic advantages

For those using an electric-powered fleet to those making an investment in EV charging installations, business can enjoy a wide range of incentives and financial rewards for making the greener choice. EV fleets can enjoy exemptions from road tax and fuel duty, as well as company car taxation and car and van benefit charges.

Businesses can also access a wealth of tax breaks, savings and government-backed grants, ensuring an excellent return on any investment made when fitting EV infrastructure.

Enterprises planning to install EV charging facilities onsite can gain expert advice on installations from qualified electricians. Skilled electrical contractors can help companies decide on the ideal equipment for their needs and install charge point for fleet drivers, staff and clients to use.

From keeping ahead of the curve to staying on course with government goals to reduce carbon emissions, companies installing EV chargers can ensure they remain relevant in the business landscape of the future. By supplying staff and customers with the ability to charge their vehicles, companies can also earn an excellent reputation for sustainability, and they can grow their business relationships.

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