Doughnut company embraces LED technology


Premium doughnut manufacturer Krispy Kreme UK is now using a host of LED-powered features to present a fresh new experience for customers purchasing its products.

New cabinets that are capable of sensing customers with cutting-edge presence detectors will display the firm’s diverse range of American-style doughnuts. The new design also includes a dedicated LED lighting strip capable of altering its colours immediately to match the latest advertising campaigns being promoted.

On top of the high-tech cabinets, Krispy Kreme UK is also employing direct view-type LED wall screens and LED enabled content countdown boards to show what’s “Hot Now”. The new initiative represents a progression from the firm’s experimentation with LED signage and digital menu boards, which dates back to 2018.

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Krispy Kreme UK began operating in the United Kingdom in 2003, when its gourmet coffee and doughnuts were served in London’s celebrated Harrods store. Now, the firm operates in more than 115 different locations across the country and has in-store doughnut cabinets present in many well-known retail premises, including Centre Parcs and Welcome Break, as well as supermarkets like Morrisons and Tesco.

The new technology is now featured in London locations, including Canary Wharf and Baker Street, and is expected to roll out to further sites in the future.

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