Electrical update for Yarmouth bridge


A broken bridge in Yarmouth has secured funding for much-needed repairs to both its electrical and mechanical systems. A total of £2.2 million was awarded to the Haven Bridge in an effort to modernise it and make it more reliable.

The bridge was constructed over 91 years ago, but before it achieves its centenary, Norfolk City Council will see its mechanical and electrical components overhauled. Just like civic structures, electrical systems at both commercial and industrial operations require routine maintenance to ensure they are operating efficiently. Firms in Yarmouth and Chester can use electrical services with skilled engineers to complete any tests and work required if faults are found.

Haven Bridge has failed to provide appropriate service levels to those who use it to commute across by car and pass beneath it by boat. It has been necessary on numerous occasions for the bridge to be manually lifted after becoming stuck due to its ageing systems, and 2020 saw it inoperative for many months. After repeated test lifting and maintenance, it was once more back in action in November, but this year has seen further issues.

Now, its electrical and mechanical operations will be improved, during which time the bridge will remain accessible to pedestrian and road traffic, apart from some evening and overnight closures at key points in the work schedule.

While the first stage of the repairs is expected to begin in late March, it is hoped that the upgrade will be accomplished by the start of summer this year.

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