What is the average cost of a rewire?


What is the average cost of a rewire?


Great question, and the answer is, it all depends on what quantities of accessories are being installed. For example, to wire in a ceiling light and switch, including the connections of the terminals is about an hour and a half to two hours work. That is if the light fitting is a standard basic plastic pendant. If it is a decorative light, it can be longer. We have even had instances where chandeliers have been shipped in several sections and all the crystals have been shipped separately and has taken two men 4 hours to assemble and hang. A dozen recessed down lights can take 8 hours to mark out, ensuring that they look symmetrical and do not hit any joists or beams, then connect the lights.

The average amount of sockets in a three-bedroom semi-detached is 22-26. However, with the number of devices that require their battery to be charged, such as phones and tablets, we are now often seeing 30 plus sockets being installed.

Kitchens are either straight forward with five or six sockets and a hob supply and a days work, or they can have under unit lights a dozen or more down lights, extractor fans, heat detectors plinth lights, six appliances, underfloor heating, boiler supplies sockets and pendants over islands and so on. Now the kitchen is three days work on its own.

Then we have perimeter lighting, for the patio or the bin store.  Lighting overlooking the garage or front door. TV outlets in every bedroom and all reception rooms downstairs. The list goes on and on and is not exhaustive.

The cost will also be determined by the occupancy of the property, is it vacant or is it being used while the installation is taking place. Are there lots of pieces of furniture to move, or worse still, lots of fixed furniture such as office desks, cupboards and wardrobes.

All these things will alter the cost because of the labour intensity of the project. Overall, the average rewire of a standard three bedroom semi-detached house, will take 2 men five days. That is allowing 1 centre light in each room and a total of 20 socket outlets and you would be expecting a cost of around £4,500.

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