Why regular fire alarm testing and maintenance is vital


You might operate multiple commercial sites, or several linked industrial facilities like factories, warehouses and distribution hubs, but whatever your operation involves, onsite fire safety is critical. While fire safety and prevention systems used around the home can be simple to master, when it comes to those that provide protection for large sites, professional assistance is always advised.

From individual devices like fire alarms and smoke detectors to complex networked alarm systems that feature different zones, all equipment for fire safety must be regularly checked by a qualified contractor. In the following sections, we’ll explore the key reasons why routine assessments and tests on installations are essential practices for any large company to keep operating.

Protecting your investment and the people you employ

The impact of fires can be devastating on both the buildings they break out in and the staff who work within them. With this in mind, why take unnecessary risks? Having fire safety devices routinely serviced and tested can ensure all of your onsite equipment is functioning effectively.

Regular checks can help spot problems with your system before they fail, allowing you to fix issues early on that may lead to fires later. A defective smoke detector or even a loose connection could mean the difference between life and death, which is why testing and servicing your systems on a regular basis is crucial. If your site is damaged beyond repair in a fire and you took inadequate measures, you could also face costly consequences.

Keeping in line with fire safety regulations

Regular maintenance and tests will ensure that all your enterprises systems are compliant with safety standards like the BS5839, which concerns fire alarm equipment used on non-domestic premises, including commercial properties and industrial premises. If you have a flash inspection from health and safety inspectors, you can enjoy the peace of mind of knowing your site has no risk of closure and is completely to code.

How professional electricians can help with fire safety

Whether you need a maintenance plan to cover a system already in place or you require a brand-new fire alarm installation, you can depend on our skilled contractors at BEST Electrical. Whether the system you use is old or new, our certified electricians will put it through its paces and ensure it’s operating at optimum. If any parts of the system have become too old for service or require replacing, we’ll identify them and also handle repairs.

With knowledge of the latest UK fire legislation, our team will make sure your business is up to code, with all regular fire safety tests and maintenance checks recorded for regulators. We work closely with our clients, ensuring all tests are carried out at a time that’s convenient to you, so we never disturb your staff or disrupt workflow.

Contact our friendly team of professionals today for advice on the latest fire safety equipment available, to discuss a service plan or to simply receive a free quotation.

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