Large fire erupts at Birmingham warehouse


An overnight blaze in Birmingham’s Highgate saw fire crews race to tackle the incident.

Approximately 70 firefighters from the West Midland Fire Service were witnessed at the recent fire that occurred in an industrial warehouse located off MacDonald Street, in between the River Rhea and Charles Henry Street in Birmingham’s city centre.

Industrial sector building owners who use their premises as warehouses, factories and plants are not legally bound to install fire prevention devices, such as smoke and fire alarms. However, owners are responsible for ensuring a complete fire risk assessment is conducted for each location they operate out of. Following risk assessments, depending on the size of the property and how it is staffed, it may be necessary to install a dedicated fire alarm system or smoke detection equipment.

Companies scheduling in a smoke alarm installation in Chester, Birmingham and other major UK cities will find qualified electricians ideally suited to fitting devices. Skilled in installing smoke detection equipment wired into the main electrical supply, they can offer firms a more reliable and less risky option than battery-powered alarms.

Crews were alerted to the blaze in the early hours of the morning and joined forces onsite to put out the flames. The number of firefighters at the scene was reduced after the fire was extinguished, but crews remained to dampen down the areas and to search for hotspots within the burned building.

No injuries were reported from the incident, but closures to local roads were necessary on the day of the blaze.

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