What type of fire safety devices does your premises need?


Emergency lighting, fire exit signs, water and foam extinguishers, fire blankets and first aid kits are all equipment recommended by fire safety specialists for premises, whether they’re in the commercial or industrial sector. While most properties will have passive fire protection operating onsite, such as intumescent paints that fortify buildings experiencing a blaze, buying time for occupant to escape, active fire prevention is also often a key requirement for buildings. These automatic devices may be designed to detect smoke or raise a wider alarm, but how do you know what the best solution for your site is?

In the next sections, we’ll look at two key pieces of equipment – smoke detectors and fire alarms – to help you decide if you require one or both of these invaluable assets that help protect people and property.

What do smoke detectors do?

Smoke detection devices are designed to trigger an alarm when fumes are sensed in the specific area where equipment is positioned. Toast left under a grill in a staffroom kitchen may set off an alarm and can easily be handled by building users, but smoke can also indicate a serious fire. Either way, people present at the time of detection will hear the alarm and can then take the appropriate action required.

How do fire alarms work?

While smoke alarms and detectors are useful in small sites, on larger properties, fires can go unnoticed when people are not around when an incident happens. Fire alarms receive signals from smoke detectors positioned across more expansive premises and display alerts on a central dashboard. When smoke is detected or a fire breaks out, they set off an alarm that can be heard throughout the entire site for optimum safety. They can also be hard-wired to contact the local fire and rescue services, ensuring they arrive in good time to save lives and reduce expensive property damage.

What solution is best for your site?

While companies are not bound by law to install these devices on their premises, it is a legal requirement that building owners complete a comprehensive risk assessment on site. This will help you decide what type of equipment you’ll need to stay safe in the event of a fire. As a rule, the larger your site, the more likely you are to need a dedicated fire alarm system. These solutions allow you to divide your premises into zones, so you can accurately pinpoint where a fire is taking place.

Do you need fire safety devices fitted for your enterprise?

Whether you require a smoke detector or fire alarm installation, our team of fully qualified contractors is able to complete the job. We can offer expert advice on the most ideal option for your premises and the latest fire safety devices, so you can rely on them if an emergency occurs. These devices should always be installed and tested by certified professionals.

For more information and a free quote, contact our specialist team at BEST Electrical Contractors today.

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