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Fire Alarm Installation and Maintenance

UK law states that while fire alarms are not mandatory, owners of industrial and commercial enterprises are legally obliged to perform a comprehensive fire risk assessment of their premises. The results of such an assessment mean that it is necessary to fit fire prevention and safety devices, like a dedicated alarm system.

Fire Alarm Installations

At BEST Electrical Contractors, we help firms select from the extensive range of fire alarms offered to find the ideal solution for their needs. Fire alarms typically fall into three categories – conventional, two-wire and addressable – each more advanced and more costly than the previous. Our certified contactors are qualified to fit a wide range of equipment, including fire alarm systems that feature automatic fire detection.

Fire alarms and fire detection systems can help you ensure your property remains protected, as well as the people present onsite, whether they are personnel or members of the public. Alarm systems can be connected to your local fire service, enabling them to rapidly respond if an incident occurs. The latest systems available use wireless technology, making installations quicker and less cumbersome than the miles of cable previously required.

At BEST Electrical Contractors, we have full insurance to design your alarm systems before installing and commissioning them to the UK’s legal requirements. Get in touch for a free, no-obligation quote and advice on the fire alarm type you require.

Fire Alarm Maintenance

Your firm might operate a single site or multiple premises, but either way, it is crucial that all fire alarms systems used on your properties are regularly maintained. Scheduled maintenance of your systems will provide you with peace of mind, knowing that in the event of a fire, your alarms will operate effectively alert you to an incident.

Routine maintenance will see every inch of your fire alarm system checked, whether it has been working correctly or experienced issues. The key advantage to maintenance is that electrical contractors checking the system can identify any out-of-date equipment or devices that are defective early on, before they become unreliable and fail to detect fires or raise the alarm when one starts.

Having your systems maintained by a qualified electrical contractor can be ideal, as if faults are found, electricians can not only identify problems, but also fix them.

If your premises are visited by a fire safety regulator or a Health and Safety Executive (HSE) inspector, you will be able to prove that your system is maintained by a certified professional and when it was last checked.

Contract maintenance is available for both new and existing installations, ensuring they are compliant with the latest legislation. Having your systems professionally maintained will allow you to operate stress free, knowing you can depend on your safety equipment. To start your maintenance contract and ensure you can count on your alarm when you need it most, reach out to us.

Fire Alarm Servicing

To ensure they are operating at optimum, fire prevention systems like alarms and detectors must be serviced at least every six months. Using professional electrical contractors to service your systems is advisable, as while home fire alarms can be easy to understand, those required for larger sites used by industrial and commercial enterprises can be more complex. If you operate properties with multi-zone systems or own several different sites, enlisting the help of professional contractors can also be convenient, leaving you free to focus on your own role in the business.

Our certified electricians can make certain all your fire safety equipment is working correctly and in line with the British Standard. We work closely with our clients, ensuring servicing takes place at a time that is most convenient to them to avoid any inconvenience. We can conduct a full service of your fire alarms and ensure your devices are in keeping with the code.

Fire Alarm Testing

The British Standards recommends that all fire alarms and smoke detectors used onsite are tested by professionals every six months to ensure they are functioning effectively. On larger premises, this process may need to be conducted even more regularly, at three-month intervals, in order to avoid false alarms. This is on top of weekly testing carried out by competent members of staff on site.

In a weekly test, the device’s operation should be checked from a manual call point when the alarm is activated. Daily checks should also be carried out on the fire alarm control panel to ensure all relevant LEDs are lit and that no warning LEDs are illuminated. From quarterly and bi-annual tests completed by certified electricians to weekly and daily tests handled by your designated person of responsibility, all results must be recorded in a logbook as dated proof of testing.

To ensure your fire alarm systems are operating at optimum, you can count on BEST Electrical Contractors. Contact us today for all your fire alarm needs.

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