Benefits of planned maintenance in Ellesmere Port


In a competitive business hub like Ellesmere Port, companies in both commercial and industrial sectors must keep a sharp eye on running costs and make savings wherever possible. Statistics show that enterprises that employ a regular maintenance plan can find their expenditure 10 times less than that of firms that only undertake maintenance as and when required. Unlike planned maintenance, a reactive maintenance approach can find companies facing a large and sudden financial outlay when they least suspect it.

Taking a proactive approach to maintenance with a carefully planned schedule is not only beneficial for economic reasons. Companies can also experience peace of mind knowing that they are fully insured and won’t face any unwanted system downtime, as all electrical elements of their installation are functioning at optimum.

The importance of routine maintenance

You might be running a large industrial operation in Ellesmere Port, like the Stanlow oil refinery, or a tourist attraction like the Blue Planet Aquarium – either way, any electrical installations on site should be regularly tested. The reasons for this are manifold, from ensuring staff and property remain safe onsite to making certain you are insured. To avoid risks to personnel and to make sure your company is covered, systems should be inspected and tested approximately every five years, with an official report created on their condition. To make savings and avoid disruptive down time, this five-year schedule can be achieved by a well-organised, planned maintenance cycle.

Avoiding unnecessary disruption is key

Whether you are a facilities manager responsible for a suite of offices in Ellesmere Port, a factory owner busy with production or you operate a popular shop, it is crucial that the staff at your site and your essential business processes are never negatively impacted by vital maintenance. One of the multiple advantages of planned maintenance is that it can be scheduled in at a time that is most convenient for the way you work.

Whether you are closed over the weekend or put down your tools at night, if you have a maintenance plan, your contracted electricians can perform work out of hours. This means that during the day you won’t be faced with noisy disruption from security and alarm testing or loss of power at important times when energy supplies, emergency lights and other systems are put through their paces. When you open for business, you’ll find everything working correctly, ensuring you can operate secure in the knowledge that your lights and power can be counted on and are safe to use.

Comprehensive maintenance support from expert engineers

Based in Ellesmere Port, we at BEST Electrical can act quickly when our clients need us urgently. We understand that even with a proactive maintenance schedule, sometimes equipment can fail, and we can respond to this rapidly, resolving your enterprise power problems to get you back in business with minimal disruption.

Get in touch with our expert team today to receive a free, no obligation quote and to ensure you keep covered with a professional maintenance plan in place.

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