Fire alarm and CCTV planning for large premises


If you operate or are responsible for a large site – such as an office block, warehouse, or factory, – safeguarding the people and property on premises is your legal responsibility. To fulfil your obligations, you’ll need effective safety and security measures in place that can mitigate any risks of harm. To help protect a larger property, you may need to fit fire preventions systems such as alarms and dedicated security devices like closed-circuit television cameras (CCTV).

Unlike in a domestic setting, planning an installation for fire alarms or CCTV devices can be a complicated task with multiple factors that require careful consideration before systems are put in place.

Installing fire alarms in larger properties

Commercial and industrial sites will require more than an everyday home fire alarm to protect them. A dedicated system must be professionally installed and fitted by a professional to ensure it is working correctly and to UK regulations. Whether your property is a single building or made up of many, all areas must be covered by the system you select to install. Alarm systems must be able to report fires that occur, whether your property is fully staffed or empty out of hours. Some systems are available that will allow local fire services to be alerted in the event that an alarm is triggered, avoiding damage to properties during the night or over the weekend.

Fire alarm systems must be tested and receive regular maintenance check if they are to perform their vital role. Qualified electrical contractors can handle a fire alarm system installation from start to finish, helping choose the best equipment for a site and fitting it properly. Scheduled checks can be booked in advance, with contractors arriving to run regular maintenance, meaning you’ll never find your company operating outside of the law.

Creating a secure CCTV system on site

Just like a fire alarm system, CCTV equipment must be placed in key positions around your property. The latest devices available benefit from wireless technology and can offer an extra layer of flexibility that allows you to move them easily to new locations when required. Devices should be fitted at entrances and exits and sensitive areas where valuable goods or important documents are stored.

For larger properties, a security hub must be established, creating a control room to which all devices can feed back footage. Expert electricians can not only fit CCTV systems but help advise on ideal locations for storing any data recorded.

If you’re not sure what is the best fire alarm systems for your site, or are confused by the diverse range of CCTV options on offer, you can rely on our specialist team at BEST Electrical for support. Experienced with an extensive array of installations, we can offer specialist advice on the most dependable products available to suit your needs. Our contractors are all fully qualified to fit all equipment, ensuring your site is always operating to code. Contact our team today to receive a quotation, or to book your new installation.

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