How often do warehouses need to have electrical testing?


In order to ensure your electrical systems don’t let you down and cause disruption, and to make certain you pass when inspected, if you run an industrial operation like a warehouse, you should have onsite electrical systems and features tested at three-year intervals.

In the following sections, we’ll look at why this process is critical, explain what’s involved and how best to roll out testing and secure a complete electrical installations conditions report (EICR).

The importance of electrical testing on a regular basis

Routine electrical inspections of your warehouse premises will ensure you provide a safe working environment for your employees and any visitors onsite. UK legislation requires that electrical installations of industrial enterprises must be kept compliant with the latest regulations for health and safety and they must be inspected routinely every three years.

Periodic inspections are designed to reveal a wide range of issues, from risks of electrical shocks, risks of fire, defective electrical work and a lack of bonding or earthing that needs attending to. In short, electrical testing regularly can prevent life-threatening incidents before they arise.

Additionally, unexpected electrical faults from untested systems can harm your operation’s productivity level and lead to expensive reactive maintenance bills that could be easily avoided.

What’s involved in the testing process?

Electrical testing will check the function of sockets, switches and light fixtures, highlighting any necessary repairs due to wear and tear or ageing to make sure they adhere to regulations. The suitability of both switches and control gear will also be examined, and any outdated equipment assessed. The current condition of earthing and bonding systems will also be tested, as well as circuit loads to make certain the correct breakers are in position and performing well. In brief, all electrical systems will be thoroughly tested, and any issues highlighted so they can be seen to.

The best way to organise your warehouse’s electrical testing

To operate efficiently, all warehouses require their electrical systems to be operating at optimum. Pro-active maintenance is 10 times more cost effective than reactive maintenance, so selecting a planned schedule for your electrical testing is the best way to conduct this important process. Electrical testing that is systematically planned can be carried out in stages over time to ensure an absolute minimum of downtime to your busy operation. Tests can be carried out at the ideal time for your business, scheduled in during lulls in workload or out of hours when parts of your warehouse’s operations are closed.

Experts in electrical testing

Whether you’re looking for one-off electrical testing or want to take advantage of the many benefits of a planned maintenance contract, at BEST Electrical, we can help. We work closely with our clients, ensuring we only conduct testing at a time that will cause minimal disruption. Whether you operate a factory or warehouse, if you require industrial electrical testing, contact our dedicated team to arrange a booking or receive a free quote.

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