Does your business need a preventative maintenance plan?


The modern world is designed to make it easy for enterprises of all kinds to operate, but it’s easy to take these innovations for granted. When we need to talk to a customer or client, we can pick up a phone or access any information via an internet browser, and acquire expert assistance with a mouse click or key stroke. If we are cold or require additional light, we simply need to flick on a switch. Additionally, technology exists to keep us safe, like CCTV camera networks and fire alarms, always ready to raise an alert if an incident occurs that might cause harm.

Unseen by the staff and customers of a site, an electrical power supply is making all these essential solutions possible. Without electricity functioning effectively on a premises, almost every aspect of a business will quickly grind to a halt.

The Electricity at Work Regulations 1989 Regulation, relating to rules on a UK commercial or industrial premises, explains how installations should be maintained. The full document can be read here, with chapter 4 on “Systems, work activities and protective equipment” being of particular relevance to alarm and safety systems, and the responsibilities installers and the companies using these systems have.

Why planned maintenance is crucial for companies

Electrical failure can lead non-operational equipment, machinery breakdowns that costs businesses in industrial and commercial sectors significantly. Direct and associate costs include the extra expenses of repairs, systems downtime, work disruption and ultimately the loss of company profits. Furthermore, malfunctions in electrical systems are a leading cause of fires breaking out on site, and electricity is essential to keep fire prevention devices working properly.

Enterprises that implement an effective plan for preventative electrical maintenance will find such and initiative is a dependable and efficient way to cut down the expense of unscheduled stoppages due to equipment failure and repair and decrease fire risks onsite significantly.

Defining preventative maintenance plans

Planned maintenance, sometimes referred to as preventative or proactive maintenance, is a scheduled programme of routine electrical maintenance tests and actions designed with a specific intention to prevent electrical-related breakdowns and electrical system failures.

During maintenance, worn components are located, identified, and subsequently replaced by qualified electrical engineers before they ever fail, making sure that any disruption and associated repair work and costs are always kept to an absolute minimum. At the same time, professional electrical contractors have the opportunity to gauge the potential useful service life of any equipment currently installed onsite.

Does your firm require a preventative maintenance plan?

To answer this question effectively, enterprise owners must assess the nature of their business and its reliance on electrical services running at optimum. If an unscheduled and unwanted electrical outage will likely have zero negative impact on the way your business runs and there is little to no risk of electrical fires causing harm to people and property, then the answer to the question may be no.

However, most firms operating in the industrial and commercial sector find that when the lights switch off, computers and server fail, and essential operating equipment will no longer work, this results in the business no longer being able to function. In this case, planned maintenance is well worth having.

Multiple systems can be impacted by electrical issues

Even the smallest electrical failure can result on average of over six hours of disruption for businesses. Firms that rely on computer devices, or use sophisticated production machinery that involves electronics, will need high levels of constant power to maintain business continuity, making any systems downtime an event that must be planned well in advance.

The good news is that effective electrical maintenance can efficiently reduce the chance of an unplanned outage taking place by as much as 66%. Ask yourself, would you company benefit from reducing the overall risk of electrical failure and breakdown and the substantial economic impact such events can have on a firm?

Planned maintenance benefits for firms

A preventative or proactive approach to maintenance can offer substantial financial rewards to firms as it has proven to be at least 10 times more affordable than selecting reactive maintenance, which is conducted in response to an incident rather than in preparation for one.

In a planned preventative maintenance schedule, every system onsite is treated individually and equally when it comes to inspection and testing. All maintenance undertaken by the qualified electrical contractors servicing your system will issue you with a comprehensive record of all maintenance performed. If components are found to be out of date and in need of repair or replacement, this will be listed on reports and certified contractors can handle any work required to ensure your site stays running at optimum capacity.

Planned maintenance results in significant saving for firms by decreasing downtime of electrical systems and extending the expected service life of machinery and equipment on site. It also decreases how frequently equipment must be replaced. For companies looking to remain resilient, planned maintenance can improve the overall dependability of electrical systems, offering peace of mind that they can be counted on and won’t experience disruptions.

Specialists in preventative electrical maintenance

At BEST Electrical Contractors, we work with our clients to draw up preventative maintenance plans that suit the way they operate in order to ensure their business is never interrupted unnecessarily. Electrical testing can be arranged so it happens when sites are completely closed or during quieter times, so important processes are never impacted. We keep in constant communication with in-house teams and management, meaning firms are always fully informed of any maintenance being undertaken.

Whether you operate an industrial facility like a warehouse or factory or run a company in the commercial sector, you can depend on experienced contractors for your preventative maintenance plan. When repairs or replacement parts must be installed, we only use high-quality components from trusted brands. Contact us today to discuss your onsite needs and we can work together to develop a schedule that suits your business.

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