Which UK sectors can benefit from planned electrical maintenance?


Statistics show that planned and preventative electrical maintenance is 10 times more affordable than a reactive approach, making it well advised for any company. More important than the cost savings made is that it ensures all electrical systems are functioning effectively and safely, so that staff can perform their roles, and clients and customers can use services securely and without disruption.

While all firms operating across the country can benefit from these preventative maintenance plans, for UK business in the commercial and industrial sector, it can be critical. Read on to explore how these scheduled services are helping enterprises around the UK to maintain business continuity and keep competitive in the current climate.

Commercial sector companies

Retail chains with multiple branches often find planned maintenance a perfect solution, as having all sites serviced regularly by one electrical service is a convenient way to keep their premises operating to code. Offices blocks and the facilities managers who caretake them can also reap the benefits of a preventative approach. Firms are increasingly relying on technology for communication, commerce and key processes, so ensuring power supplies are operating efficiently is essential.

An unexpected power failure can result in unwanted downtime, which can soon become expensive. With planned maintenance, work can always be scheduled out of office or shop opening hours, avoiding any inconvenience to business operations and customer service.

Additionally, commercial developers can also use ongoing maintenance plans to ensure the buildings they provide always have safe and adequately serviced electrical systems, whether properties are used for business or residential use.

Industrial sector operations

Factories and warehouses can’t afford productivity to be affected by an electrical fault or sudden power loss. Fortunately, scheduled maintenance plans are designed to detect electrical parts that require replacing before they fail. This way, electricians can resolve minor issues before they lead to bigger problems and impact workflow.

From onsite factory machinery to health and safety and security systems like fire alarms and emergency lighting, all electrical systems can be covered by planned maintenance. Qualified electricians can put your electrical supply and the equipment it powers on premises through its paces, testing it’s working properly. By doing so, business owners can feel safe in the knowledge that they can depend on their systems that enable them to fulfil orders on time.

Be prepared and enjoy the benefits

Professional preventative electrical maintenance plans can be organised to run on five-year cycles. This allows any testing and servicing required to be spread out evenly, with 20 per cent completed each year, leading to lower costs and less disruption. Whether you’re a commercial developer planning a scheme of serviced flats, or you run an industrial operation like a distribution hub or manufacturing firm, planned maintenance is well worth considering, ensuring your company stays in business in these challenging times.

While planned maintenance can prevent most problems, it’s understood that occasionally, electrical issues occur that need a rapid resolution. With this in mind, you’ll find the electrical contractors who handle your regular service ready to help whenever required.

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