Is it time to replace your security solutions onsite?


Like every type of technology, progress never sleeps when it comes to security devices like closed-circuit television (CCTV) cameras and intruder deterrents like detectors and alarms. If your installation is starting to show signs of wear or is experiencing faults on a regular basis, your premises could be at risk.

Criminals are quick to identify ageing systems and select such sites as weaker and easier targets to tackle. Whether you keep expensive equipment and cash onsite or you simply want to ensure your team members feel safe and your property is not damaged or vandalised, upgrading your equipment can be a wise move.

What does modern security equipment offer?

State-of-the-art technology offers many benefits. Today’s CCTV cameras offer high-resolution footage that makes for accurate evidence of criminal activity. Along with high-definition images, cameras also have infrared capabilities that allow colours of clothes and cars and details like licence plates to be captured, helping police secure prosecutions for trespassers and offenders.

Both cameras and intruder alarms can be entirely wireless, making them easy to conceal and deploy wherever you need them most. Devices stationed on your perimeter can also feature powerful deterrents like spotlights and sirens to scare off intruders.

Next-generation technology can use facial recognition to grant access or assess an individual’s skin temperature to work out if they are potentially carrying an infection, so they can be denied admission to a site.

Ongoing care and maintenance

It’s worth remembering that even when a security device installation is brand-new, it must be tested and maintained to ensure it can be depended on. Checks should be run periodically to make sure no parts are showing premature wear and that no loose wires are present. Where batteries are being used to run equipment, they must be regularly tested and replaced before they are spent. Signal checks must also be performed to make certain that all devices deployed onsite are feeding back effectively to your central monitoring station.

While some basic operational checks can be handled by appointed members of your in-house team, your systems should always be serviced by a professional electrician to ensure they are operating efficiently.

Experts in security device installations

At BEST Electrical Contractors, our trusted team of electricians provides a full service, whether you’re looking to assess your current provision of security devices or are seeking to upgrade it with modern equipment.

With an extensive range of different CCTV cameras and alarms available for your consideration on today’s market, we understand that it can be tricky to narrow the field and make your final selection. That’s why we invite enterprises to contact us and discuss their individual needs. With an understanding of what you need from an installation, we can then recommend the most suitable option for your budget.

Working with leading brands like Hikvision and Texecom, our certified electrical contractors can fit equipment professionally, so you can count on it to keep your property and people protected. Whether you want facial recognition terminals installed or the latest high-definition cameras and intruder alarms deployed, contact us today and arrange your upgrade now.

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