Why is planned electrical maintenance critical for facilities managers?


Facilities managers are charged with the maintenance and operations of building services and systems. They’re also responsible for the efficient management of all processes that support the core of an organisation’s business, so it’s key that they always employ the best possible practices available to ensure the site runs at optimum efficiency. All of these objectives are designed to ensure all employees within the organisation have the most suitable environment to carry out their duties and assigned tasks.

While the role of a facilities manager will see them handling security staff and teams of cleaners, they’ll also need to ensure that electrical infrastructure is always operating both safely and at maximum capacity. This is key to protect staff onsite from potential electrical and fire hazards, but also to ensure no disruptions to business processes occur due to power outages or faults.

In the following sections, we’ll explore the many reasons why planned electrical maintenance is a wise move for any facilities manager overseeing a site.

Working to your schedule and budget

Facilities managers will typically have to work to a specific budget, and choosing planned – rather than reactive – maintenance will ensure all costs are always accounted for. Without a plan in place, when a fault occurs and must be repaired immediately, an expensive invoice can arrive that you’re entirely unprepared for. The downtime that follows can also be inconvenient, but with scheduled maintenance, all work is carried out around your timetable.

Planned maintenance is always cheaper overall, and work can be spread over years, minimising both costs and disruptions. If your site is on a five-year cycle, you can split the system downtime for routine maintenance to 20 percent each year.

Continuing your seamless service

Planned maintenance is designed to check your site is always safe and running smoothly. It identifies issues before they turn into problems that affect the way an organisation operates. Sockets, switches and fixtures, along with heating and lighting systems, will all be tested regularly, so as a facilities manager, you can keep your clients satisfied with all utilities functioning perfectly.

Keeping compliant

All sites have health and safety inspections and regulations they are required to obey. Planned electrical maintenance will ensure that you always have the appropriate documentation and an up-to-date record that your site has been recently tested by a qualified electrician. With a scheduled contract for electrical maintenance in place, you can also be sure that the state of your systems won’t negatively impact your site’s insurance.

Experienced electrical engineers for planned testing

At BEST Electrical, we arrange planned maintenance and electrical testing for our clients at a time that suits the way they work. Whether you’re a facilities manager for a commercial or industrial site, our qualified contractors can complete testing at a time that causes the least inconvenience possible to employees.

Get in touch for affordable electrical testing using a planned maintenance contract. Our professional team can provide you with a quote and organise a schedule for your testing today.

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