Access management experts launch new app for doors and safes


The app for mobile from TMD Security is the first of its kind to offer a single access protocol that doesn’t require keys or cards across all types of secure doors, safes and cash machine top boxes.

In a recent announcement, the firm launched the app, named “One Touch Access Security”, developed to securely close and open locks on an extensive selection of security rooms, Automated Teller (ATM) top boxes and other access points that demand high-level protection. Not only extremely secure, the app is straightforward and simple to use, allowing users to quickly complete tasks. Removing any need for access cards or physical keys, the app can be used on both mobile phones and personal digital assistants (PDAs).

As soon as the authorised personnel or service engineers are in proximity of the lock in question, the access management app, which enables and schedules all access to system locks automatically, runs a series of cross-checks including user identification, access schedule, and ID scans for both lock and personal device. As long as all credentials are confirmed as correct, a single-use password is generated instantly and access granted.

Cees Heuker CEO at TMD commented:

“Our One Touch Access™ Security app is a ‘game-changing’ feature of TMD Access Management. The app is unique because it provides one consistent way to open all types of locks and ensures access is fast, easy and secure.”

The new app intends to circumvent previous problems of secure access, such as the differing protocols and the loss and theft of security keys.

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