New outdoor security camera released by Swann


Dubbed the ‘Swann Spotlight Outdoor Security Camera’, the latest entry from the Australian manufacturer offers good value backed up by an impressive selection of security features. Well-made, it’s been purpose-built for outdoor condition and suitably weatherproof.

A veteran of the security market, Swann has previously centred its efforts on more sizeable CCTV set-ups rather than lower cost items for small businesses and homeowners. However it has now upgraded its range to include a new selection of Wi-Fi style cameras and the Swann Spotlight Outdoor Security Camera is one of them.

Retailing at £139.99, this latest camera from Swann is inexpensive for an outdoor option for your home or enterprise.

While designed in Australia, this new camera is more than capable of coping with wetter UK weather. The camera is housed inside a solid casing crafted from plastic that bears an IP66 protection rating against heavy rain along with debris and dust encountered outside.
The camera specs offer resolution of 1080p and viewing angle of 110 degrees, providing quality video images.

Additional security features included with the camera include a variety of sensors. Main, motion, infra-red and heat based sensors can deliver night-vision up to 30 metres from the camera. It also features two-way audio. A sensitive microphone will trigger the camera when it picks up a sound, allowing users to identify intruders but also communicate with couriers via an app that comes with the camera.

Finally, as the name hints at, the camera is fitted with a powerful spotlight – perfect for scaring off trespassers.

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