Benefits of using wireless intruder alarms onsite


The latest intruder alarms available offer a robust but discreet security solution for the sites you’re responsible for. Whether you operate an industrial facility like a factory or warehouse or multiple premises in the commercial sector, wireless intruder alarms can offer multiple advantages that put you in control of site security and give you the tools to do the job.

In the following passages, we’ll investigate the multiple benefits of adopting these innovative alarm systems at your place of business.

Unobtrusive security

Miles of cabling is no longer needed for the latest wireless intruder alarms. For commercial properties that create an appealing environment for customers, this can offer more aesthetically pleasing solutions. Passive infrared sensors and minimal micro contacts are easy to hide from view, and intruder sirens can be located externally. Minimising the presence of security measures can also be ideal when unwanted intruders drop by, as instead of identifying and bypassing systems, they are more likely to trigger them.

Penetrating alerts

Advanced anti-intruder technology can bounce signals through several stone walls, ensuring your security hub is informed of any intrusion.

Establishing secure areas

New intruder alarm systems allow you to create multiple secure areas, so you can section off areas with expensive physical assets or confidential data from unauthorised personnel. They can also be used for secure entry, with up to 50 different codes able to be issued to verified staff members.

Authorising access

Cleverly designed key fobs are issued with the latest wireless intruder alarms systems, and these can be issued to employees and contractors, providing them with access to certain secure areas. These can be incredibly convenient after a contractor has left the site or a staff member leaves your firm, as key fobs can simply be cleared on the system to deny access, instead of having to constantly update passwords.

Taking control of your site

Finally, wireless intruder alarm systems are far more user-friendly than older systems. Systems ship with a security dashboard, allowing you to establish a hub or command centre that can be linked to your smart devices, giving you total control from any location. Instead of the flashing lights and beeps warning you of intruders that are issued by outdated technology, the new systems will give you detailed information on any breach that takes place, so you can respond rapidly and appropriately.

Specialists in deploying security solutions

With the wealth of different security options available to purchase, whether you’re a facilities manager of commercial sites or running a large-scale industrial operation, you can rely on our team at BEST Electrical for guidance. With an in-depth understanding of the latest security solutions, we can recommend the most reliable and best-suited option for your sites.

Whether you need advanced wireless intruder alarms or the most cutting-edge CCTV cameras, our expert electrical contractors can offer advice before fitting your new security system on site. Get in touch with our professional team today to book an assessment or quote to safeguard the buildings under your care.

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