Four solutions to step up security onsite


Industrial enterprises like warehouses and factories who are looking to shore up their security can find new and innovative methods to do so with the latest solutions on the market.

From convenient secure entry managed by applications to wireless alarms that alert guards when intruders are present, there are many new options firms can take full advantage of. In the following sections, we’ll take a closer look at four security measures you can consider adopting at your site to keep your business and the people you employ safe.

1. Thermographic cameras

The latest thermographic technology has proved invaluable to enterprises safeguarding their staff onsite and ensuring normal operations can continue during the COVID-19 crisis. These cutting-edge cameras can scan the skin temperatures of employees and other visitors before they enter your premises to check that they are in good health first.

For safety measures, successful scans can be completed from a distance, and for convenience where a large workforce is present, many people can be scanned simultaneously to speed up the process. Security staff can stay safely inside as cameras feed back the data they collect via a user-friendly interface that is easy to read. If staff pass the device’s scan, access can be given, while those who have a high temperature can be advised to arrange a medical test.

2. Smart secure door entry

The latest forms of secure entry doors can be managed simply by an app on a smartphone. This means that whether dedicated security personnel are in your central hub or on patrol, they can manage secure entry remotely. This innovative technology allows users to perform a wide variety of tasks on the go, from receiving video footage of those seeking access, to granting or prohibiting entrance when necessary, making it a highly convenient and flexible option.

3. State-of-the-art CCTV

Modern closed-circuit television (CCTV) devices have a wide range of capabilities that older equipment cannot compete with. Certain brands now create cameras that use artificial intelligence (AI) to cross-reference data files and perform facial recognition checks, while others allow footage to be delivered in real-time to security personnel. The latest cameras are also capable of capturing colour video even in low light conditions, allowing them to record accurate images that can provide evidence for police prosecutions when crimes are committed against your firm.

4. Wireless intruder alarms

Unlike outdated systems that required miles of cabling and opened up the potential for tampering, the latest security alarms can be entirely wireless. This means they can be deployed wherever you wish and moved to a new position with minimum fuss. Far cheaper and less time-consuming for enterprises to install, wireless intruder alarms still deliver the same powerful protection and can send alert to individuals in charge of security, or the authorities, when trespass is attempted out of hours.

For guidance on the latest security options available to suit your needs or to arrange an installation, contact us at BEST Electrical today for assistance and a free quotation.

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