Comprehensive security system offers stiff competition


The new Ajax security system can be used in home and business premises that competes with rival products from Yale and Ring.

The set-up has an extensive range of accessories and features, and contract-free monitoring services as an optional extra. Although not well-known in the United Kingdom, several specialist CCTV firms are starting to stock them.

Along with an impressive array of CCTV camera equipment, the complete security system comes equipped with a wide selection of sensors to detect water leaks, potential fires, and trespassers. Door and glass protectors that detect entry and a motion curtain provide additional warnings of intruders on your property.

The system’s brain known as “The Hub” can connect with 100 devices providing security to 50 different rooms on your premises. Up to 10 CCTV cameras can be connected to this central brain which is protected against virus and malware and 50 different users can have secure access. To expand the number of devices you can connect to the system, “Hub Plus” can also be purchased.

Companies planning a security system installation in Chester, Manchester and other cities should always ensure all work carried out is performed by professional electrical engineer to ensure the set-up is running safely and at optimum capacity.

A key fob and keypad allow you quick and easy control of your security system, with the fob also containing a panic button for emergency situations. The handheld device can easily send an instant alarm to your security hub or central monitoring system to alert them of the emergency.

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