Discount retailer plans new security system for stores


Home Bargains is currently planning to adopt a system in its stores for the security of its shoppers, inspired by a similar set-up used by German-owned retail giant Aldi.

Operating in the UK since 1976, Home Bargains was founded in Liverpool and now has 550 stores throughout the country. The new security solution being rolled out to branches will feature a traffic light format, similar to that instated by Aldi earlier this year, and will use state-of-the-art sensors to make certain customers are appropriately socially distanced.

The sensor-activated lights will be established at store access and exit points and monitor the number of customers on the premises. People are only able to enter the shop when a green light indicates it is safe to do so. Home Bargains will use 3D LiDAR Motion Sensors from Hitachi for the installation, which are capable of accurate real-time monitoring.

Commercial enterprises planning a security system installation in Chester, Liverpool and other UK cities can consult qualified electricians for the most suitable system for their premises. Knowledgeable on the latest products available, electricians can advise on equipment based on dependability and value for money.

Joe Morris, of the firm operating Home Bargains, TJ Morris, commented:

“New, innovative technologies have played a significant part in us still being able to provide a safe and pleasant shopping experience for our customers.”

The advanced security measure has been designed to be compliant with data protection regulations, and, unlike CCTV operations, will not record or collect Personally Identifiable Information (PII), so customers’ privacy will not be invaded.

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