New anti-intruder camera offers active stance


A newly released security camera has entered the UK market, offering exceptional surveillance supported by strong intruder deterrents.

The ANNKE BR200 presents a proactive security solution for commercial and industrial enterprises seeking to actively dissuade trespassers from attempting to access their sites.

While traditional CCTV systems typically record evidence of intrusion, the BR200 actively wards off intruders before penetration or property damage can take place. A robust alarm siren, backed by pulsing lights, is activated by smart technology sensors to drive back unwanted visitors.

The BR200’s cutting-edge, in-built Passive Infrared Sensor (PIR) provides effective motion detection for accurate alerts that negate time-wasting false alarms. When potential intruders are identified, the sensors activate the device’s additional features, unleashing the siren and powerful red and blue strobe lights.

The new release from ANNKE also has colour night vision capabilities and 1080p resolution. The cover of darkness is often used by criminals to infiltrate private properties, as it can disguise their attempts and appearance. Colour night vision technology has been developed to provide accurate evidence that clearly displays the correct colour of clothes worn and cars driven by intruders.

Enterprises planning to fortify their premises with a new security system installation in Chester, Manchester and other UK cities can consult qualified electrical contractors for advice. With multiple products available on the market, expert electricians can filter the list and suggest a suitable solution bespoke to a business’s needs.

Constructed with an all-weather casing, the BR200 is an ideal option for safeguarding outdoor perimeters in all seasons.

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