Security experts offer advice on protecting empty premises


Security specialists in South Wales have recently offered advice to owners of commercial properties across the UK who must leave them vacant and unattended during the COVID-19 outbreak.

In the current crisis many enterprises are adapting to continue business, with employees working remotely from home. However, this essential process is now rendering hundreds upon thousands of commercial properties up and down the country unstaffed and unprotected.

Whether it’s a warehouse, factory or retail outlet, premises that are not properly protected are open to vandalism and break-ins, potentially resulting in property being damaged or stolen. These incidents can impact business and insurance costs, and hinder a return to full operation when the crisis passes.

Firstly, companies are advised where possible to relocate goods of value and any sensitive documentation to a secure place off-site reducing risk of loss or damage.

Physical measures for security such as locking systems for doors and windows should all be up to date. Any security weaknesses should be identified and replaced where necessary while grates and shutters may be an option worth considering for entry points deemed vulnerable.

While extensive commercial properties containing high-value stock may benefit from a staff of security guards, a less expensive option for companies can be a reliable CCTV and alarm system.

Businesses maintaining a security installation in Chester, North and South Wales and other areas of the UK should use professional electrical contractors to test equipment and ensure it is working at optimum performance to ensure their property is always safe.

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