New security measures for Peterborough Guildhall


The historic Guildhall in Peterborough is set to have a security gates and grilles installed to dissuade rough sleepers and vandals putting themselves at risk and causing building damage.

The iconic building, located in Cathedral Square, has stood for 450 years and been at the centre of many of the city’s celebrations. However, damage and break-ins during recent months have spurred Peterborough City Council to add new levels of protection.

The Council is presently planning measures with a cost of over £8,000 to ensure people are kept out of the venerable building, and remain safe. The Guildhall’s top floor constructed in 1671 contains electrical circuits and access can currently be gained via two staircases. For electrical health and safety reasons, and to protect the building, the Council will fit both grilles and gates to ensure entry is impossible to the upper level.

A spokesperson for the Council commented on the new initiative:

“A planning application has been submitted to fit metal security screens to prevent people from climbing up the spiral staircases onto the first floor of the Guildhall.”

The present application was first submitted late last year following damage to the property being reported. The Council was informed two doors showed evidence of attempts to force them open.

Those fitting security installations in Chester, Peterborough and other UK towns and cities should always employ qualified contractors to carry out work. Whether it’s a new CCTV system or entry gates, it’s essential that professionals are used to ensure any measures deployed are effective.

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