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Among the most well-preserved walled cities in the country, Chester has a long history of employing robust fortifications. In 689 AD, King Ethelred and his Saxons strengthened and extended the defences against Norman invasion, and today, organisations and institutions in the city often look to guard their own perimeters with the latest security options available.

Selecting the right security installation for an enterprise isn’t always an easy process. With a constant stream of new solutions entering the market, from cutting-edge cameras to powerful alarm systems packed with features, it can be difficult to know what kind of equipment is the most suitable. Enterprises in Chester that find themselves confused by the wide range of products on offer can rely on professional electricians for advice when required. At BEST Electrical, we have picked some the top security products currently available that companies can count on.

Industrial enterprise options

With two dedicated railway stations and large-scale cattle market, Chester played an important role in the 18th century’s Industrial Revolution. Still a hive of industry for England’s North West, Chester’s warehouses and factories can employ the latest advances in security technology to help keep their properties and people safe and secure.

Being able to control access to certain areas at an industrial site can be advantageous. Whether firms are safeguarding expensive stock or ensuring floors are only accessed by management, there are exceptionally advanced options available. The Hikvision Face Recognition Terminal provides optimal security, employing the latest tools for secure access. It has 99 percent accuracy when it comes to facial recognition, and can even operate in low levels of light, making it suitable for use at night in outdoor areas.

Another option from Hikvision that can be useful for industrial applications is the Temperature Screening Thermographic Bullet Camera. Empowered by artificial intelligence, this innovative device can efficiently assess the skin temperatures of personnel before they enter factories and warehouses. Its multi-person scanning capability makes it ideal for processing a large volume of workers quickly, and its ability to test from a distance is an effective way to keep staff on site safe, ensuring a business stays resilient with a healthy workforce.

Securing commercial properties

A thriving commercial hub, Chester is home to many shops, supermarkets and other retail premises. Businesses operating in the commercial sector have their own unique requirements for security equipment, and discreet devices are often a necessity for a number of different reasons.

For example, high-end commercial properties may want to avoid ruining the aesthetic appearance of their enterprises, while retail outlets may wish CCTV systems to be hidden to monitor key areas like cash registers. Wireless alarms like the Texecom Premier Elite 64-W can provide protection from unwanted intruders out of hours without the need for cumbersome cabling onsite.

Whether you operate an enterprise in the industrial or commercial sector, you can count on our specialist team for bespoke and reliable solutions. Contact BEST Electrical to book your installation and ramp up your security systems onsite today.

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